Przemysław Drosik

[ CEO&Founder, LocoMotive ]

A graduate of an Inteligent Decisions Support Systems at the Poznan University of Technology.
Founder and co-owner of LocoMotive Postproduction House. For over a decade  his company succeed in hundreds of projects for both domestic and international clients, such as Samsung, P&G, Ikea, Virgin Mobile, Pepsi, McDonald’s, CocaCola, Danone, Unicef, Microsoft.

Co-founder and co-owner of GoMega software house and it’s sub-brand VRplanet, which focuses on Virtual and Augmented Reality B2B solutions.

At present Przemyslaw Drosik is strongly focused on the postproduction VFX for Cinematic VR experiences. Latest VR project that LocoMotive has postproduced – „Warsaw Rising VR” directed by Tomasz Dobosz, has won multiple awards, in example – The Best Virtual Reality at Los Angeles Film Awards.

Przemyslaw Drosik is also involved in various startups – one of his startups,  „BangProof” has won The Hottest European Startup at Impact CEE 2017.

Topic: Make VR Something More Then Just A Rollercoaster Ride

What are the guidelines for grabbing the viewers attention during the VR experience? What is the 5P’s rule and why is it so important in VR? What is the postproduction process of VR movie? How to prepare VFX in stereoscopic VR environment? And how to make VR something more then just a rollercoaster ride?

I will look for the answers on those questions during my speech.

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Make VR Something More Then Just A Rollercoaster Ride 11:45