Piotr Koźniewski

[ Chief Creative Officer 3R Studio Mobile ]
Piotr holds a masters degree in chemistry, he is an educated technician with a great heritage and passion for creative constructions.
He is a self-appointed inventor, visionary and dreamer, working on innovative methods of multidimensional interactions in virtual reality for more native, creative and subtle understanding of 3D environments.
He is the Chief Creative Officer in 3R Studio Mobile – dedicated to Augmented Reality advanced 3D applications, optimization and utilization in mobile graphics.
Invited as a speaker to many international events, like Augmented World Expo 2012 in Santa Clara and a number of  other Mobile Monday events including Romanian, the first Russian Droidcon in Moscow, also to attend in closed workshops with prototypes of Google Tango in San Francisco this he is a widely recognised authority on Augmented Reality. Most recently his team is building AR/VR connected platform for product and spaces presentation.

Topic: Case Study – WebVR for the new Mercedes truck international

It is when you have such difficult product to widely show, when VR seems to be the right way. WebVR app with dedicated cardboard goggles as a strategy for the most affordable and easiest to approach VR experience.
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Case study: WebVR for the new Mercedes truck international 16:45